Lesley Harry

I live in Falmouth within walking distance of the influential  John Howard Print Studios where I turn my sketches and photographs into finished prints. I’m interested in exploring edges in the landscape and the juxtaposition of static and moving forms.

Printmaking encourages endless exploration and experimentation. I create detailed etchings and monoprints that express my interest in the tension and fragility I observe where water, land and rock coincide, be this in a mountain stream, off the Cornish coast or beneath Arctic cliffs.

The Seacliff series are etchings based upon sketches and photographs of the Norwegian coast and Arctic taken over a 12-day coastal voyage in 2014 and the rock etchings resulted from a visit to the Alps in 2015.

Most of my coastal line drawings are made in situ from the boat whilst at sea. I sketch whilst we are sailing so that progress through the water and the changing horizon is captured within the drawings.

In contrast, my hand pulled screen-prints are bold, joyful experiments in colour combinations based upon algae, ferns, seeds and lichen that abound in Cornwall. All my work is a pared-back exploration of unfamiliar perspectives, scale, pattern and abstraction found in nature.

I’m an associate at the Penwith Gallery St Ives. Several times a year I exhibit work with other printmakers in St Ives and Falmouth under the title Prints from the Studio and my work can be seen in local galleries such as  The John Howard Studio Penryn and a selection of my framed and unframed work can be seen in The Guild gallery space within Falmouth Poly. (24 Church Street Falmouth. Open daily except Mondays).

Contact Details

Please send all enquires to Lesley Harry at lesleyharry9@gmail.com

My work can be found at the Poly Guild Shop and their online store, please do take a look at their amazing collection of work from artists and makers in the local area.



2023  ‘Grit’ with Sue Davis & Jane Smith, 12 May – 12 June, The Studio, Penwith Gallery, St Ives.

2022  ‘Flux’ with Sue Davis & Jane Smith,  29 August – 3 September, Spring Gallery, RCPS, Falmouth.


2021  ‘Connections’, with printmaker Sally Spens, Falmouth.

2021   ‘Arc’ with Sue Davis & Jane Smith, Penwith, St Ives. 

2019  ‘Echoes’ with Sue Davis & Jane Smith, Penwith, St Ives.

2019   ‘Enso’ with Suzanne Bethell & Paulette Bansal, Sale. 

2018  ‘Curve’ with Sue Davis & Jane Smith, Falmouth.

 2018  ‘Coast’, with Madeleine Strobel & Jane Smith, Falmouth.

2017  ‘Edge’, with Sue Davis & Jane Smith, Falmouth.

2016  ‘Five Ways’, with Bob Dawson, Roy Goodman, Elizabeth Rose, & Jane Smith, Penwith, St Ives.

2016 ‘Flow’, with Sue Davis & Jane Smith, Falmouth.


2021  Album cover artwork for “Visions of Light’ by Ishmael Ensemble.


Work is on permanent display at: 

The Poly Guild Falmouth, 24, Church Street, Falmouth TR11 3EG.  www.thepoly.org

The John Howard Print Studios, Jubilee Wharf, Penryn. TR108FG.

Echoes 2019, Penwith Gallery, St Ives

Flow 2016, The Poly, Falmouth